The Lunch challange

This year both our eldest girls are full days in school, requiring a snack for nutrition break and a regular lunch. How was i going to make sure they ate enough throughout the day to keep them fueled? I want to give them healthy foods and variety; enough to give them options yet still control what they eat.  I really started to worry, if they just don’t eat because they don’t like what i pack them, they will go through an entire day with empty little stomachs. After much internet and store browsing I came across the Bento Lunch.  Yes, this is perfect. so relieved and determined to get my girls fueled for learning I embarked on a journey of creative, Environment friendly (go green, no lunch litter program) and nutritious lunches.

We went with the all mighty Planetbox lunch containers;  just one of now many bento lunch containers out on the market. I loved that it was stainless, which means easy to clean & will grow with them. definitely an investment, but worth it.  No more landfill plastic zippy bags or tin foil and plastic wraps.  Saving the planet, one delicious lunch at a time! 🙂