Cod Cakes: Meatless Mondays

Cod cakes (balls) Pasteis de bacalhao 

Cod Cakes (balls) are another Portuguese staple. We fry these up for events and parties because they are a perfect appetizer. In Portugal these salty cod cakes are usually eaten with a nice cold beer.

My kids love these and will eat endless cod cakes at our family gatherings. Perfect option for another meatless Monday school lunch with a side salad or simple rice.

500g cod fish (cooked,broken up and flaked)

1tbsp parsley finely chopped

1tbsp cilentro finely chopped

600g potatoes (peeled,cooked,mashed)

1 chopped onion

pinch of salt, pinch of nutmeg

2 eggs

2 cups of flour

3 egg whites

veggie oil (fry in)

mix all ingredients in a bowl (exclude egg whites and flour)

roll mixed dough into balls, then roll in flour and roll in egg whites fry em up till golden brown