Tuna Salad

On a busy night with the kids, I like to reach for some Tuna because it’s a quick option; always  on hand in the pantry. Super easy tuna salad and it’s just as quickly devoured.

Try: Adding different types of beans like a pinto or even a bean medley for extra protein.  This is a perfect salad for the beach or take along to an after school practice. Light but satisfying.

Pot with water over medium stove.

Throw in my peeled and cut potatoes and 3 eggs and let them cook. Meanwhile in a bowl, I crack open my tuna(drain liquids) and mix it in with about 1 tbsp of mayo .  I chop up 1 large onion and add to tuna.  I then add my cooked potato and eggs(sliced). Add whatever beans you like. ( I use chickpeas and black beans) Season with salt and pepper to taste and mix your salad. Add some green olives and I drizzle over some light olive oil. If I happen to have unexpected company and need a quick-lunch option i will serve this on a bed of  fresh lettuce.
The kids love this tuna salad for lunch with some flat bread and a side of  hummus.