Bife a casa (Portuguese house steak)

Steak served with fried egg, potato, rice and veggies

A favorite for the hubby is the House steak and eggs. The next day this steak is put on a kaiser bun and packed for lunch. The kids big and small love it.

Marinate your steak in garlic, salt, black pepper and some spicy paprika. splash of lemon juice and some dry white wine.  Fry it up with some sliced onion in olive oil.  The steaks are cut thin so these take about 3-4 min on each side and its done. Served on top of white rice and you then layer a fried egg (sunny side up)on the steak. Potatoes are sliced round like chips and fried. traditionally a house salad is served with this but fresh veggies also do great. garnish with some olives and fresh parsley.

try: another version is the Bifana. Pork steak on a kaiser bun instead of beef.