Cucumber Cups: Meatless Mondays

kid friendly sushi

Take a melon baller and scoop up the inner part of thick chopped cucumber. (not all the way through) You then have cucumber cups that are ready to be filled with whatever your kids little hearts desire. Think pretend sushi for kids who don’t like the actual taste of sushi.

try: Tuna melt cucumber cups

Take the balls of the inner cucumber you scooped out and chop it up into bits. Then mix it up with a can of tuna, salt and pepper to taste a little bit of light mayo. I then add a little cherry tomato on top of each and sprinkle some fresh grated cheese over top.

Egg salad cups

Hard boil a couple of eggs. once cooked, crack them and run them under cold water (the shell releases clean off the egg) take your eggs and mash them up in a bowl with some light mayo, salt and pepper to taste. If your kids like celery you can add some bits of celery and the cucumber bits you scooped out in the mix .  Ready to spoon into your cucumber cups.