Bacalhau com natas (Baked Portuguese cod and cream)

Ok. This is my favorite Cod Recipe and I just have to share. (reminds me of mac & cheese) You must try this recipe. At first glance might not look so appealing (fish and cream) but one taste and it will knock your socks off! Promise. (even those not fond of cod actually like this) I know my kids do. I use a thick cream for this, In Portugal Nata is like a whip cream sold in a can or milk like container. I am lucky to have found actual natas at a local Portuguese grocer but i have yet to find anything like it elsewhere.

To start, its best to take your cod and soak in water overnight. (otherwise will be extremely salty.


1 kg of cod (about 32 ounces)

1 large chopped onion

2 garlic gloves, pinch of black pepper to taste.

4 medium sizes potatoes

3 small cans of cream (1/2 litre)

1 egg

Parmesan cheese

olive oil

Black olives (optional)

Take your olive oil over medium heat and saute your onion and garlic.  Pinch of black pepper to taste. Add your cod and you want to just saute it till it’s a nice golden color on the outside.

Take your potatoes, wash peel and cube. I then cook them in a little salted water till you can almost get a fork through. once ready take a fork and mash them.

You then take your cooled off cod and de- bone. You also want to flake it or at least into bits.

Take your mashed potato , cod and cream and mix in an oven dish.

take your egg and just whisk in a small bowl and brush the egg over the cod.

Sprinkle your grated parmesan over top.

Into the oven it goes , bake for 30 min.

serve with a fresh side salad of choice and garnish with fresh parsley and black olives.