Roasted sundried tomato tofu

Last night I decided to use up the package of tofu I had in the fridge.  I sliced , marinated and roasted it.  I thought ok, I can add it to my salad for dinner and ill have a snack throughout the week.  I ran out the door just after puling them out of the oven, for some quick last minute groceries. When i returned 30 minutes later, hubby and kids had polished the whole tray! I was surprised, Tofu was all gone.  I knew i should have picked-up another package.

Roasted Sundried Tomato Tofu

  •  1 Package of firm tofu
  • sundried tomato paste
  • brie cheese
  • oregano
  • sweet basil
  • black olives
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • olive oil

In a food mill, add your sundried tomato paste, black olives, salt and pepper to taste. Mill until all combines and pasty

Take your tofu, drain and slice. Lay out on lined bake tray. I then brush some olive oil on each piece and spoon on the paste.

Top each piece with s bit of brie cheese. (You can use whatever cheese you prefer, I like to use a crumbly soft cheese)

Garish with sweet basil and oregano.

Goes into the oven @ 350c for about 25minutes. (till the edges are crisp and golden)