whole wheat quesadillas

With Halloween night and the rushing around, I was quick to make up a quesadilla for lunch next morning and then quickly made up mini pizzas for dinner using the same whole wheat wraps. I always make sure I have a supply of wraps for such chaotic nights.

Very simple: take a medium-sized wrap ( I use Whole wheat) slice in half

then take whatever you have in the fridge that the kids will eat

I do cheddar then top with turkey, (any leftover chicken or meats) then another layer of cheese and top with the other wrap half. Goes onto the stove in a grilling pan. The Wraps stick to the melted cheese and get real crispy. The kids love it.

This one here in the picture I did with an onion and spinach omelette.

The next morning for packing lunches I just reheat these in my mini toaster oven and wrap up.

I then took a couple more wraps (while the quesadillas were being grilled) and lay them out on a pizza pan. The kids layered it with their own toppings and I threw them into the oven at 350C till the cheese melted and the edges crisp. You have mini pizzas for dinner. Super quick and sooo easy.

thin crust