Finger Sandwiches

When I first started packing lunches for the kids, everyday they would bring back their sandwiches but I noticed they would polish off their snacks.

I then started to cut up all their sandwiches into small bit size portions and they loved it! Kids love finger foods. Some kids feel intimidated by the large size of a sandwich.  They think its cute to have it kid size, and its so simple.

You are then faced with 2 clean slices of bread. What to put on it today?

Like much of the finger foods or snacks, kids just want to have fun while eating and they also like variety. Here are a few sandwich ideas that are fun and very yummy.

Veggie spread ( I use this around the holidays b/c of the colors red & white)

I take some cream cheese spread and in my food mill add some cherry tomatoes and some herbs. The tomato is milled so tiny they don’t even notice it.  I also use this as a dip with carrots and celery.

  • Apple butter & fresh apple slices
  • Cream Cheese & fresh bluberries
  • Blueberry cream cheese & fresh strawberries
  • Fruit Jam (reduced sugar or home made) & cream cheese

Try: Cottage Cheese  instead of cream cheese

  • Hummus with grated carrot and slices of turkey (or puree for picky eaters)
  • Hummus and yellow bell pepper
  • Almond butter with honey and cranberry