Quinoa Spring roll

For today’s Lunch a little asian inspired theme; Quinoa spring rolls filled with some flaked salmon (last nights dinner) fresh slices of Mango and Avocado. Mango, baby carrots, mandarin (which I then peeled),… Continue reading

Stir fry Medley

While home for the holidays, one of my girls was going through the fridge in search of something to eat. After much thought came the request; “mommy, can I have some veggies and… Continue reading

Roasted Holiday Turkey Apricot Sandwiches

Like many I would imagine, I have left over roasted turkey from the holidays.  I stripped some of the turkey, lay it on some fresh cinnamon bread with a tbsp of apricot jelly.… Continue reading

Chocolate Gingerbread Cupcakes

I baked these Chocolate Gingerbread Cupcakes for a little holiday kids party; They were a hit! Super super easy and soooooo delish! Take your favorite Chocolate cake recipe and add: 1/2 cup of… Continue reading

Cheddar Sloppy Joes

Another Easy quick Lunch solution; A sloppy Joe on toast with some gooey Cheddar. My kids love a little side of green olives but you can try some carrot sticks, some grapes, Orange… Continue reading

Toasted Maple Glazed Pumpkin Seeds

These toasted maple pumpkin seeds taste just like French Toast! Sweet like candy and addicted; you cant stop at just a few. great on salads and the perfect snack when you get the… Continue reading

Bunny Slope Smoothies

A great way to get your kids to eat more greens is juicing them. I have been making some tasty smoothie recipes and packed them for lunch. What I do is keep some… Continue reading

Lentil Penne with smoked bacon and cheese

 A little change from the usual mac and cheese. After my pasta has cooked (about 8minutes)   I drain the water and add a little butter (about 1 tbsp)  some mozzarella and about 4… Continue reading

Taco Lunch

My kids love taco night. Its fun for them to assemble their own taco with all the toppings and they really enjoy eating their creations. What I do is alternate between the hard… Continue reading

Homemade Crackers

Nothing like crackers with some soup or a snack alongside some cheese or dip. Something about crackers really appeals to kids, so About a year ago while on my own exploration for better… Continue reading